INVITATION -9th Highly-functional FILM EXPO


TAIMIDE TECH. INC will present many series of Colorless Polyimide films (product named: OPITM) and related applications at the Film Expo Show in Japan in 2018, as explained below:

  1. OT Series :

Colorless PI film , Thickness 13um~50um

      (1)Features:  High heat resistance(~260℃), Lower CTE(~20 ppm/℃), Good Transmittance(~85%)

(2) Applications:  See through FPC, Mini-LED...etc for flexible lighting device.


  1. OT2 Series :

New Generation Colorless PI film , Thickness 13um~80um

(1) Features:  High Transmittance(~90%), Lower YI (<2), Lower Haze (<1%)

(2) Applications:  Cover window film , flexible sensor film…etc for foldable AMOLED device.


  1. Advanced Technology:

     (1) Ultra-thin PI film (SkinTran ®)

TAIMIDE has succeeded in development of a new technology for ultra-thin PI film that can be applied to make very thinner colorless film (1~5um) for roll to roll production.

     (2) The millimeter structure identification of the PI film (t-PI®) ,

TAIMIDE developed a functional PI film with micron structure technique. In the field of display and lighting, used as optical diffusion and brightening purposes


  1. INVITATION -9th Highly-functional FILM EXPO

(1) Visiting Time: Dec. 5(Wed.)~ 7(Fri.) , 2018

(2) Venue:日本東京千葉幕張展覽館 Makuhari Messe, Japan

(3) Booth No: 23-6