Environmental Protection

ESH Policy

As a world-class PI film developer and manufacturer, we implement the latest environmental management system (EMS)and encourage all employees to make proactive involvement to implement ESH, hoping that each employee can assume their environmental responsibility and play part of the EMS. We comply with national and local environmental regulations and commit that all processes comply with the environmental requirements set out for employees, customers, and the environment around us. In addition, we implement an internal audit and an external audit every year to effectively assess the effectiveness of implementation and rectify our management approachesand implementation strategies based on the audit results in order to achieve continuous ESH management performance.

ESH policy committed by all

  • Legal compliance: Compliance with ESH laws and regulations at home and abroad and other customer requirements.
  • Hazard prevention: Prevention of pollution, clean production, and prevention of accidents for zero disaster.
  • Continual improvement: Implementation of the P-D-C-A cycle and annual review to continually improve ESH performance.
  • Total involvement: Emphasis on total involvement, education, training, communication, and other approaches to raise the employee’s ESH awareness and implement ESH.

Prevention of Pollution

  • Emissions Processing
    For eco-friendliness, we have progressively obtained the operating permit forfixed pollution sources and operate these sources by the law. We have designed closed process and equipped control equipment for all production lines to condense organic substances in emissions before distillation and recovery to minimize VOCs. Apart from significantly improving ambient air quality, we have enhanced the energy efficiency and output value of the back-end distillation system.
  • Wastewater Treatment
    We have equipped Tonglo Plant with various water treatment facilities, including the wastewater equalization system, pH adjustment system, chemical precipitation system, UASB processing system, MBR processing system, sludge concentration system, etc. to ensure effluents after each unit comply withlegal standards.
  • Waste Management
    At Taimide, we implement waste management according to the environmental laws and regulations and report as net every month. We build the distillation system for treating waste liquids to recover process materials and implement source waste reduction in advance. Non-recoverable waste solvents are disposed of by qualified service providers.
  • Noise Management
    Apart from continuouslymonitoring noise level at our plants, we install insulation facilities to provide local citizens with a quality living environment.

Environmental Measurement

No Category Item Legal Basis
1. Periodic Inspection andReporting of Fixed Pollution Sources Flue gas Air Pollution Control Act
Regulations Governingthe Self or Outsourced Inspection and Reporting of Fixed Pollution Sources
2. Wastewater (Sewage) Inspection and Reporting Wastewater (Sewage) Inspection and Reporting Industrial wastewater
Water Pollution Control Act Regulations Governingthe Management of Water Pollution Control Measures, Inspection, and Reporting.
3. Environmental Noise Test Ambient noise Noise Control Standard