Executive Management


  • Audit of the annual business plan and budget execution.
  • Examination and assessment of the soundness, reasonableness, effectiveness, and status of implementation.
Give policy instructions, set targets and guidance for business operations, appoint major managers, and promote business execution.
  • Implement resolutions made by the “Board of Directors” (BOD) and administer organizational affairs.
  • Plan overall organizational operations and strategies, establish business policies and targets, and undertake assignments from the BOD or chairperson.
  • Cultivate and assess new customers and new markets.
  • Draw up and implement marketing plans.
  • Produce statistics and analyze sales.
  • Capture product development progress.
  • Schedule production andoperations planning.
  • Improve processes and plan machine operation.
  • Analyze and improve problems relating to production machines.
  • Research and develop new products, technologies, and processes.
  • Collect the latest market information and analyze product trends.
  • 1. Establish and implement quality policies.
  • 2. Implement the quality inspection of raw materials and finished products.
  • Planhuman resources management of the organization.
  • Improvement, design and construction of solvent recovery and water treatment systems.
  • Establish, promote, and maintain fund management relating to the organization.
  • Handle accounting, financial, investment, and taxation affairs.
  • Implement information management.
  • Execute procurement matters and supplier management.
  • Practice the general affairs and administrative matters.