Career Development

We evaluate the work performance and developmental potential of employees every year. Though on-the-job and off-the-job development, we improve the knowledge, skills, and attitude of employees to enable them to take up more important work; allow them to promote to higher positions;ensure the best match of employees, work, and organization, and improve employee satisfaction and organizational performance.

Performance Management and Development

To cultivate successors of all levels within the organizationand strengthen organizational performance, we implement employee performance management and development based on the PCDA management cycle. At the end of each year, department heads and employees set the targets for the next year,determine the skills and actions required for achieving these targets, and evaluate performance biannually. In the performance evaluation, department heads continuously observe the results and feed back to employees and give them advice on performance and career development to provide employees with opportunities for career development.

Career Development Path of Employees

At Taimide, we offer a multi-track career development path to equip employees with the competencies required by the current post and the next post through on-the-job and off-the-job development.