Learning and Development

At Taimide, we have spared no effort in talent cultivation. To realize the spirit “people arethe most important asset of Taimide Technology,” we offer a series of training courses combinedwith career development for employees.

In internal talent training, we have developed a complete training course framework combining with our training and promotion system to equip employees of each grade with the professional knowledge required for developing their potential. In addition, we offer programs and allowances for external training to improve talent quality and encourage employees to develop a lifelong learning attitude.

Comprehensive Learning Tools

Through on-the-job training, off-the-job training, e-learning, and self-learning channels, we combine the advantage of on-line and physical courses for ubiquitous learning to enable employees to growth together with the company.

Well-established Training System

Regardless of new employees, technicians and professionals, and executives of all levels, we have planned a complete training roadmap for them.
Level-based Training and Competency-based Training
Higher Level Manager Training
  • Strategic planning
  • Business administration
  • Governance
  • EMBA-related courses
Base- and Medium Level Executive Training
  • Problem analysis and solving, target management, and performance management.
  • Encouragement, leadership, basic management courses
  • Time management, innovation, and organizational reformation.
On-the-job Training
  • Common training: ERP, MIS, financial statements, value, and corporate culture.
  • Professional (competency-based) training: PI application, manufacture, theory, QC, and QA.
  • Common training: Company development history, department profiles, management system, product profiles, quality and ESH policies, QA and environment systems, and hazard communication training.
  • Professional training: (A) work-related SOPs and WIs and (B) other professional knowledge and skills required by the duty.