Internal Audit



Taimide’s Internal Audit Department has one full-time auditor who directly answers to the BOD. This auditor is responsible for reviewing and assessing the effectiveness of the internal control system;measure the effect and efficiency of operations; report compliance with relevant laws and regulations with reliability, timeliness, and transparency; and make opportune recommendations for improvement to ensure that all systems are effectively and continuously implemented.



Audits include routine audits and project audits. Routine audits are implemented in accordance with the annual audit program, while project audits are implemented when potential defects in internal control are detected. Auditors make recommendations for improvement, submit an audit report each time, and periodically report to the BOD regarding the status of implementation. By assessing and improving risk management and by controlling and supervising process effectiveness, auditors assist the BOD and management on achieving existing goals. In addition, auditors supervise all units to implement self-inspection, establish the self-monitoring system, and provide assessment results as recommendations for the BOD and president to issue the statement on internal control (SIC).