Remunerations and Benefits

At Taimide, people areour most important asset. We firmly believe that highly satisfied employees yield higher organizational performance. Therefore, offering competitive pay is our goal. Every year, we adjust employee remuneration through internal position evaluation and external pay survey and based on the organization’s annual operational performance, while employees are rewarded based on the results of their performance evaluation.
In addition, we offer a quality work environment, well-established employee benefits, and well-planned insurance system and leisure activities to take care of all employee needs. To growth together with employees, we have launched the following measures:

Basic Benefits

  • Labor Insurance
  • National Health Insurance
  • Pension fund contribution
  • Group insurance (cancer and accident coverage)
  • Discount at contract stores
  • Company uniform


  • Year-end bonus
  • Performance bonus
  • Employee stock bonus
  • Patent bonus
  • Proposal bonus

Cash Gifts and Allowances

  • Cash gifts on three major folk festivals
  • Cash gift on birthday
  • Allowances for deaths, marriage, and births
  • Consolation pay for hospitalization
  • Allowances for company tours

Other Benefits

  • Employee cafeteria/meal supply
  • Periodic employee reunions
  • Year-end party
  • Annual health examinations