HR Vision and Policy

HR Vision

At Taimide, we earn employee devotion and contribution for the organization with a HR diversity strategy. We develop and cultivate all-round talents for the organization to achieve sustainable operations.

HR Policy

By putting people first, we respect the individuality of each employee and treat people as the organization’s strategic resources that can create advantages for the organization. In HR management, wesimultaneously maintain a humanized and systematized management system to fairly treat each and every employee. We also establish appropriate communication channels for employees to fully express their opinions. In addition, we continuously pursue a balance between work and life quality for employees for employees to work without worries and become long-term strategic partners of the company. Our functional HR policies are as follows:
  • Employment Policy
    In workforce planning, after correctly assessing the organization’s workforce quality requirements, we recruit employees both internally and externally in an open, fair, and impartialmanner to select like-minded applicants for the company to enforce the right person for the right post concept.
    • We advertise job openings on public recruitment media and welcome those who support our vision and value to apply for the job.
    • Based on the competency requirements of each opening, we select talents who meet such requirements to ensure fair and impartial talent selection and the right person for the right post.
  • Training and Development Policy
    Through training, development, career planning, and performance management, we strengthen the work intention and competency of employees and improve their personal performance to achieve organizational goals.
    • We verify the training and development needs of employees through organizational analysis, work analysis, and employee development analysis.
    • Through comprehensive learning tools and a well-established training and development system, we ensure employees are competent for current and future work.
  • Remuneration and Benefit Policy
    Based on themarket remuneration trend and considering the organization’s business status, we develop internally encouraging and externally competitive remuneration and benefit plans to attract, encourage, and retain talents.
    • We develop and establish externally, internally, and personally fair remuneration and benefits. Based on the supply anddemand of the job market, we develop suitable remuneration and benefit portfolios.
  • Employment Relations
    We offer excellent labor conditions, work environment, communication channels, and employee assistance, and develop a quality corporate culture to ensure consistency between the personal goal of employees and the organizational goal and improve the sense of happiness of employees in order to maximize labor-management interest.
    • Develop and shape a sound corporate culture.
    • Create a pleasant work environment and a good employee relationship and atmosphere.
    • Establish good communication channels and reinforce communication and understanding.
    • Fairly treat and respect employees.
    • Develop and establish employee assistance programs.